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"I hold the galaxy in my palm - ready to crush it like an eggshell!"

Thanos is one of five playable Villains in the Marvel Villainous base game, Infinite Power. He is from American comic books published by Marvel comics. The character was created by Jim Starlin, and made his first appearance in The Invincible Iron Man #55 (cover dated February 1973).


Thanos must collect the six Infinity Stones.

In order to achieve this objective, you will need to find cards that allow Thanos to bring the Infinity Stones into play in your opponent's Domain(s). Thanos must then Relocate his Allies to a stone's location(s), Vanquish the opponent's Allies to which the stones are attached, and then Relocate his own Allies back to his Domain, allowing him to claim the Infinity Stone, along with its benefits.

There is no specific order in which Thanos must claim the six Infinity Stones. A random stone is distributed when necessary, and Thanos may retrieve them in any order for his objective.


Thanos' Domain consists of the following locations, from left to right.

Villain Deck[]

Thanos' Villain deck card back.

The following cards are in Thanos' Villain deck:

These include 10 total Allies (The Legions of Thanos; Black Swan; Ebony Maw; Proxima Midnight; Black Dwarf; Corvus Glave), 4 total Items (Space Throne; Death's Favor), and 16 total Effects (Consult the Well; Taste of Cosmic Power; The Mad Titan; Warp Reality; A Small Price to Pay; Deliver Judgement).

NOTE: In the first printing of Marvel Villainous: Infinite Power, two copies of Taste of Cosmic Power are printed and labeled as Items. This is a misprint. Every copy of Taste of Cosmic Power is intended to be - and functions as - an Effect.

Card Gallery[]

5 Copies:

The Legions of Thanos.png

4 Copies:

Consult the Well.png

3 Copies:

A Small Price to Pay.png Deaths Favor.png Taste of Cosmic Power.png

2 Copies:

Deliver Judgment.png The Mad Titan.png Warp Reality.png

1 Copy:
Black Dwarf.png Black Swan.png Corvus Glaive.png Ebony Maw.png Proxima.png Space Throne.png

Unique Fate Cards[]

The following cards contain Thanos' Targeted Villain symbol, and are generally the most effective against Thanos:

These include 4 total Heroes (Adam Warlock; Drax the Destroyer; Nebula; Gamora), 6 total Effects (What Did it Cost?; A Stone is Found), and 1 Targeted Event (Sacrifices Must Be Made).

Card Gallery[]

3 Copies:

FATE A Stone is Found.png FATE What did it Cost.png

1 Copy:

FATE Adam Warlock.png FATE Drax the Destroyer.png FATE Gamora.png FATE Nebula.png Sacrifices Must Be Made.png

The Infinity Stones[]

The Infinity Stones are 6 Tiles that will be placed on the table during initial setup if any player is playing as Thanos. Certain cards will cause an Infinity Stone to enter into play, in a player's Domain. When initially played (to any Domain other than Thanos'), they must be immediately attached to an Ally in that player's Domain.

While in any Domain other than Thanos', they are able to be activated by that player with an Activate action, and may be moved as an Item with the Relocate action, either as it is attached to an Ally, or just as an unattached Item.

Only one Infinity Stone may be attached to an Ally at any time, and once an Infinity Stone has become unattached from an Ally, it cannot be attached to any other Allies except for those controlled by Thanos. An Infinity Stone may no longer be activated in a player’s domain once it is controlled by an Ally of Thanos in their domain.

If Thanos controls at least one Ally at a location with an unattached Infinity Stone, it is immediately attached to Thanos' Ally, which may then relocated with a Relocate action back to Thanos' Domain.

As soon as an Infinity Stone is in Thanos' Domain, it is immediately flipped over to the Specialty side of the Tile, and is placed permanently in Thanos' Specialty card area.

Tile Gallery[]

Mind Stone ITEM.png Power Stone ITEM.png Reality Stone ITEM.png Soul Stone ITEM.png Space Stone ITEM.png Time Stone ITEM.png

Mind Stone SPECIAL.png Power Stone SPECIAL.png Reality Stone SPECIAL.png Soul Stone SPECIAL.png Space Stone SPECIAL.png Time Stone SPECIAL.png

Villain Guide Gallery[]

THANOS Page 1.pngTHANOS Page 2.pngTHANOS Page 3.pngTHANOS Page 4.pngTHANOS Page 5.png


  • Death's Favor - Despite this card's wording, you may perform either a vanquish action or activate action at any point during your turn while at this location, not just when you first move to its location. Treat this card as if the location "gains either a vanquish action OR activate action."
  • Sacrifices Must Be Made - An Ally of Thanos is considered to be "in play" if it is anywhere currently active on the table. This includes Allies at any Events, your Domain, and/or any other player's Domain(s). It does not include Thanos' discard pile.
  • A Stone is Found - Certain scenarios involving this card will result in it either being played or discarded:
    1. Drawn during a Fate Action:
      • Playing as Thanos - Play this card.
      • Playing as any Villain other than Thanos in a 2 Player Game - You must discard this card.
      • Playing as any Villain other than Thanos is a 3/4 Player Game - You must play this card on any Villain other than Thanos.
    2. Drawn as a result of the Avengers Assemble Event card:
      • Playing as Thanos - Discard this card. (This is noted in Thanos' Villain Guide.)
      • Playing as any Villain other than Thanos - Play this card on yourself, giving yourself an Infinity Stone to attach to one of your Allies.
  • Taste of Cosmic Power - As noted above, all copies of this card are intended to be - and function as - Effect cards, not Item cards.
  • Consult the Well - If all six Infinity Stones are currently in play, this card cannot be played, as you must be able to resolve all required text on a card in order for it to be played. Therefore, you cannot use Consult the Well to Relocate an Ally to an Infinity Stone if all six Infinity Stones are currently in play.
  • The Legions of Thanos - In the first printing of the game, there is a misprint on all copies of the card. The descriptive text is misspelled as "No additonal ability."
  • Proxima Midnight - When played, Proxima Midnight must defeat a character with Strength 3 or less at her location. However, she may still be played regardless of whether or not there are any characters at the location to which she is being played.
  • Power Stone - The original printed version of this tile has a Power cost of 0 printed on it. This is a misprint. There should not be any cost associated with the Power Stone tile in any way.